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Check in for coming in a little bit late than we usually do this month because Wow we've had a rule leave busy. June i mean i think it's like a follow up to two. May we had a really busy. May and just like the things that we couldn't fit into me kind of spilled over to ju. Yeah so we're actually inserting this podcast in between two other regular episodes which means we'll probably have like five episodes This month because we've had a lot of really great author interviews coming up and we don't wanna wait too long between recording and putting it out to support the author so yeah you're getting some extra books bogus this month with ivan paying extra so lucky you i mean you say. They were great interviews. And i'm trusting you because. Mary is gone as soon as we stop recording. What did i say. I'd like to think we're pretty interviewers from all accounts the authors have fun talking to unless they're just blowing smoke up our butts. I'm when the believe that when they say they had fun. See like i listened to the episodes as well when they when they go up. Because i'm genuinely curious. Like what did we talk about like like. I don't remember all right so as always will start off sewed with our book publishing news updates and we have a lot of this. So let's get started. Re-re what's her. I deal all right so as always we got. The book deals from publishers. Weekly ballantyne preempted creator of media. Newsletter dc links. An ex buzzfeed editor delia. Size central places. This romcom is about a woman caught between the person she was and the person she has tried to become when she brings her white new york city fiance home to small town illinois to meet her. Chinese immigrants parents over christmas ultimately revealing cracks in their relationship old family tensions and unresolved feelings for a high school crush. And i'm guessing that the publication for this is coming out sometime in twenty twenty three. It's not listed. Congratulations yeah the sounds fund. You always get the the homecoming story from like an asian american expect because a lot of the d. boyfriend or girlfriend to meet your family. Just you know knowing that you're going to disappoint the parents no matter what our next deal. Two books acquired one eight brown girl fleas by she. Bya contemporary novel is about muslim. Pakistani american is ara paracha who makes an impulsive decision to run away from home and move across the country in an attempt to heal in her journey. She learns to love yourself every new her faith and family while navigating mental health and religious guilt publication is planned for spring twenty twenty three. This also sounds really interesting because yeah like running away from home is like i feel like everyone thinks about it. It's kind of like the opposite of the last book right like to like for those of us who have left home. they're usually two phases of that right. There is the all right. Let's get out of here. I don't wanna live in this town anymore. I want to go as far away as possible. And then the eventual homecoming which is like reckoning with that decision to go away and add to that the additional layer of religion mental health. And sounds like it's going to be a pretty good reflection on those adolescent tennessee's. Yeah all right. So next book deal. Labyrinth road acquired world rights to three books in debut middle grade series. By why a author. Masugi era called. Momo ara shema and the sort of the wind pitched as irish data meets amari and the night brothers. The series follows nerdy middle. Schooler momo who discovers that her offbeat. Widowed mother is actually a banish shinto. Goddess. momo's shocked to learn that she alone has the power to save her mother's life and vanquish the demon set on bringing chaos to our world the series to launch in summer twenty twenty three mississippi era. We've had her on the podcast before for her book. This time will be different. And this time she's writing terry and johnny. I mean i'm always down for a well. Done chosen story especially in the world so especially contemporary fantasy. I think that sounds really cool. I really don't know that. Much about shinto religion so it would be really nice to see like how the mythology and the religion aspect weaves into the fantasy narrative series. So i am pretty excited to get my hands on it or mixed up nancy. Paul some books from penguin bought middle great debut rostom and the red dwarf by olivia abtahi. the book is a space opera inspired by the stamina the person book of kings in which twelve year old rostom accidentally plunges this entire planet into darkness ms now defeat the demon king zahak to save their publication is slated for spring twenty twenty three. We were just talking about mythology. And here's another sounds really cool man as operas. Yeah down for more space operas. It's set to be a twelve year old and like doom your to darkness rooting for before before this recording. We were talking about adam as lavar us about how they're all about like saving the world so we see more he stuff like. Yeah the end of the world is upon us. And it's totally up to you and your magic powers or your mecca gundem or the power or the power to all right next up. A stadium acquired enlighten by saatchi. A graphic novel biography traumatizes the life of a young prince who leaves sheltered life of luxury and becomes the buddha in his quest to end human suffering. Publication is scheduled for summer. Twenty twenty serie so basically savarth alright but more accessible because arthur was kind of hard to rehearsal. Read it. When i was in like i school soy. I'm sure i'm sure if i went back to be able to come in a lot more of it but also it's it's a graphic biography so probably is a lot easier to understand the story because you have like visual depictions. Yeah all right. Next up in exclusive submission salaam reads of simon and schuster bought a new a novel from s k ali called love from mecca to medina while on a pilgrimage to mecca. Ataman zana find their new relationship tested by the circumstances of group including a group leader. One of them had previously known. Publication slated for fall. Twenty twenty two. This is interesting. Because it's on the pilgrimage to mecca. Which is like a very very big thing in in like muslim. Your religion practices. That i am interested in reading it. So s que. Ali is the author of saints and misfits as love from a to z. It is you know those were very big bucks in the last couple of years. So i'm sure that this one will be great as well. I wonder what the the the description doesn't really give me a lot of context especially as a non muslim. i don't know i don't know what s But i'm wondering if it's this like a like a conservative versus progressive type of conflict or more of like interpersonal love triangle conflict I don't know we'll find out. I don't know all right. So it's my turn right. And scrivener acquired world english rights to houma abedine memoir both slash and a life in many worlds. It details the story of the author's coming of age as an american muslim. The daughter of indian and pakistani scholars who split their time between saudi arabia the us and the uk houma aberdeen has been a longtime aide to hillary clinton and is in the process of divorcing former congressman. Anthony

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