Build Your Own Amazon


Build your own amazon. When i worked as an engineer at amazon. I would arrive at the office every day before. Six thirty am amazon's. Enormous campus is in downtown seattle. The company expands across the city like a massive growing organism composed of towering buildings and eko spears. The constant wet mist of seattle always seems lighter with an amazon campus. Perhaps thinned by the optimism that amazon inspires in its workforce. Yes amazon is truly inspiring for all the cynical headlines. The longevity of the workforce speaks for itself brilliant people stay employed at amazon longer than they stay with religion. The culture is more rewarding and the tenants are more modern. I stayed at amazon for eight months. I think of my time. There is a kind of cultural immersion. Like study abroad in a foreign land. Eight months is longer than a good affair and shorter than a bad marriage. Eight months was long enough for amazon to become a part of me. You can take the entrepreneur out of amazon but you can't take amazon out of the entrepreneur. It's six thirty. Am there's no traffic as you drive across the bridge from bellevue to seattle podcasts. Sound better at six thirty a. m. at six thirty. Am even the amazon. Workforce is still rubbing the sleep out of its is before beginning their march into the office. Parking amazon cost me twenty five dollars per day. A daily reminder of amazon's prideful frugality. My blue badge gave me access to most of the buildings across the sweeping campus. It was like having a ticket to a huge theme park and at six thirty. Am i had all the rights to myself.

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