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Hello and welcome this very special interview episode of favourite or foresaken. I'm your host mccoy. And today i'm going to be talking about very good friend ben kirby. Hey my name's ben. Kirby and i run an instagram account called preachers and sneakers and i wrote a book about it like most everyone. I got to know. Ben the distance to the cultural phenomenon. That is his preachers sneakers. Graham account. I've been fascinated. Not just by the spotlight. He has shown on the issue of these celebrity pastor as well as the reaction to the spotlight having already recorded an episode about christians last december a conversation with someone who has been immersed in that you want and vitriolic topic would be a great extension on what here and jamie myself talked previously. In this episode's conversation we talked through the formation and development of bins scream account the reactions to that account and we talk at length about his book preaches the sneakers colon authenticity in in an age of for profit fate and wanna be celebrities and i just wanna say we don't talk about the book because contractually obligated to talk about an interview subjects book. I really actually enjoyed it. And i think i green lit it on the podcast A few months ago. But i liked it because It s a lot of the questions that are sometimes difficult to discuss and perhaps even more difficult to neatly resolve. If you haven't read it yet don't worry you won't miss anything in this interview. But i do suggest picking up a copy after you listen. Credit karma knows that.

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