Expect More Spending With U.S. Senate Infrastructure Bill Vote


Human infrastructure. They steal the language. And the press regurgitates it They're planning to unilaterally consider a 3.5 trillion human infrastructure. Quote unquote package later in the year that would pay for freak childcare free community college, expanded health care subsidies and other programs. Yeah, And pay off that Oh, yeah. We got to take care of the colleges and universities the breeding ground for Marxism. We gotta do that. Sure. And the teachers unions? Yeah. They stand by us. They pushed their agenda. Whether parents and kids like it or not. We're going to watch carefully which Repubic vote for this, There's going to be a hell of a lot of them. They don't care about the debt. They don't care about your kids. They don't care about your grandkids. But don't worry, you won't be able to afford fish sticks, but you'll have a brand new bridge, followed by human infrastructure. What would we do without all this spending? How would we survive? How did we survive before? Meanwhile, they want to kill the economy a second time. Two years running, put people out of business subsidize people not to work. We're doing exactly the wrong thing in every respect. Exactly the wrong thing in every respect, But don't worry. We're going to have a bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Republicans go home and say I voted for infrastructure. Shut the hell

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