Living Statues: The Sleeping Pandemic


On a cold winter morning in nineteen eighteen english dr. Aj hall made a house call in london. His new patient was a young boy who didn't have any visible illness in fact to doctor hall there didn't seem to be anything wrong with child at all but the boy complained that he was constantly exhausted and he had fevers that lasted for weeks. He grew physically weaker each day. While other children ran jumped and played. He could hardly lift himself out of bed with such broad symptoms. Doctor hall couldn't make an accurate diagnosis within a few days of his visit. The boy's condition deteriorated quickly. He started slurring his words and the boy wasn't the only case of this strange disease. There were many many more over the next few weeks. Doctor hall visited several other patients experiencing exhaustion and muscle weakness. Some slept for days on end others suffered from mania and delirious nece still others simply up and died without any known cause many patients fell into a catatonic state. Unable to move or communicate. They became trapped inside their bodies for all intents and purposes living statues doctor hall had no idea what he was dealing with but he knew it was spreading soon reports of immobile unresponsive patients cropped up all over the world thousands of people became infected. This wasn't an isolated mystery illness. It was a pandemic and there was no cure.

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