Q&A: Can You Get Paid for Views on a Popular Social Post?


A few years ago. I wrote on a post on facebook that ended up going viral. I didn't have a business account but all of the sudden. I had tens of thousands of people viewing sharing and commenting on the post. It took weeks for the attention to die down. I've thought about this experience ever since. Was there some way to monetize all this attention that i just didn't see at the time. There's some social networks pay people based on the number of views their poster sleeve. Unfortunately i haven't been able to replicate those results since then but i wonder if there's a key or less than i can apply some other way. Thanks chris but as i said this reminds me of a story i knew a guy who had a very similar experience to justin. He wrote a post on a personal account. Wasn't intended to be anything business at all and that post ended up blowing up to the point where he received massive attention in a short period of time so all of a sudden he was receiving not just thousands of comments on the post but thousands of messages from people who were looking for help and he was. He was writing about something personal and it really struck a cord. I think that had something to do with it. And this guy reached out to me and some other people asking for advice because he was overwhelmed like a lot of the people writing to him wanting to hire him for coaching. A lot of people just had questions. They wanted answers. There were offers from talent agents all sorts of interesting as well as some questionable opportunities coming his way and i said it happened in this very condensed period of time. You know just like justin experience a couple of weeks. Sorta fast forward a bit. That guy ended up being pretty disappointed because he thought also always like. I'm gonna make a business out of this and i'm getting famous an assistant and and basically short version one viral post doesn't make business and he assumed that whatever he posted next would have similar results and that didn't happen at all or he thought well. Maybe it won't be huge but at least it'll be bic and it wasn't because the vast majority of all that attention he received was about this one original post ninety nine point nine nine nine. Whatever percent of those people didn't stick around so it's an interesting experience to have for sure but difficult to go from zero to whatever that is all that attention and then somehow kind of settle so to get to our caller's question here justin. It's great that you had that success. I would say instead of second guessing yourself instead of trying to capitalize on that particular incident that particular posts and instead of trying to recreate it. Because you probably won't be able to. I think it's best to think about why you're post created such an impact and is that area that topic something you want to work on more. If so don't think about your next strategy to go viral. Think about your next steps to create more of a foundation.

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