An Inside Look at the Tesla Model S Plaid!


Welcome back to the way for podcast. Where hosts a marquette's and i'm andrew and both you're watching the video version straight Is gonna look a little bit different because we're in different place if you're listening to the audio version is probably gonna sound a little different to get probably so. It's run car. We are in a car and today we're here in the new refreshed testimony the plaid version. And we're just gonna be talking about it in in our extended thoughts hopefully by now. Ideally the first impressions video is out working on that for a couple of days but obviously that's so produced and people have all these questions all these little things and this is your first time being in the car for an extended period of time like looking around it so I'm gonna try to answer as many questions about every little thing as i as i can. We are working on a review of the car later. I should make that clear. There is a much bigger full review of the model s. And kind of like all tesla's coming up in the next couple weeks but is a flagship current pretty exciting so we get to get to get into all the details of it. Where do you wanna start. Because you're in the front seat. In the francie adams between us in the back seat you might have questions to. So what do we what we want to start with. So they like does yolk in front of me but william anywhere. There's a little context here. I i dropped him off to pick this up on friday. And i basically opened the door and left because my theory was this week's podcast was going to be kind of like my raw impressions on. Were you've been driving now for a couple of days For much longer than most people drive in five days yet. I feel like i kind of did this. When i first got apollo. Actually immediately that weekend. I had a ultimate tournament in like southern new jersey. And the first thing. I did was taken on a big road trip so i really got to know the car and the same exact thing happened with this car. Where friday picked up the car Saturday had a deal frisbee game in boston earlier. We're supposed to got rained out but nevertheless immediately got in this car and drove it three hundred miles to boston and three hundred miles back in the same day so right off the bat i get i get everything i get supercharging. I get parking. I get driving highway. I get yoke. I get like the full in-depth for russians

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