A History of Women and the Olympics


So a lot of the story has to do with french. Feminist alice milia and her women's world games which took place from nineteen twenty two to nineteen thirty four and led the olympics leading women compete in events on a much wider scale. Yeah there's a lot of acronyms in this one so bear with us. The women's world games were yaas response to the international olympic committee's or the international association of athletics. Ias disdain and vera. I wave feminists gaining ground and a lot of women wanting to compete in certain events. Like the eight hundred batur track event events that did not recognize women or have been deemed unfit for women. Yes this eight hundred meter track of it. We're going to get into it. But it caused a lot of controversy when it came to women competing so at this time people and particularly in this context europeans or already talking about gender equality the term. Feminism is thought to have been coined in the eighteen eighties by a french activist by the name of coubertin claire around the same time. Baron pierre do cooper thanh who was also. French founded the modern iteration of the olympics. And the i o dagobert on outright opposed women's participation in sports and this bled over into what events he believed women could and should compete in when it came to the olympics. Day cooper ten allegedly said that the olympics were created for quote the solemn and periodic exaltation of male athleticism with quote female applause as reward. Wow he went on to say quote it is. Indecent spectators should be exposed to the risk of seeing the body of a woman being smashed before there is besides no matter how tough sportswoman may be. Her organism is not cut out to sustain certain shocks her nerves rule. Her muscles nature wanted it that way again day. Cooperstown reason that grow as no women participated in the ancient games. There obviously was to be no place for them in the modern ones. Which just as a brief aside isn't the whole truth sat really the point. But he's wrong. In general yes so the nineteen hundred games or the first allowed women to compete though not officially sanctioned twenty two out of nine hundred ninety seven of the competitors or women and they competed in tennis golf sailing. Equestrian and croquet only golf and tennis. Had all women

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