A highlight from Alyssa Rosenheck: author, cancer survivor and celebrated architectural / interiors photographer.


Recently. Can she released her new incredible coffee table book. That is so much more table book. It is called the new. Southern and eliza is truly one of the most spectacular photograph Out there photographers photograph on. Say this stripe photograph first day. We're good we're also. This is eight fifteen at night. We're having wine because we wanna a long walk. Today we're podcast night having But this is one of the most fantastic the jarver's ever and he put a book together in. Your book is not just about beautiful pictures in like hell. It's like all different types of homes in people's personalities and so reflected through their homes in new interview these people and tell their story and there's a lot of celebrities awesome people. It is so captivating and that has been your baby and we're going to talk about what it takes to write a book in what is taken out of you and what it's given you because it was like birthing child anshu we also say that we went for a walk today. Yeah i think that ain't quickly but if my rare it's been a full day of just really good connected commerce. He said. And i think that's so important. I alta to really hold women. We have in our life and just check in and see how we can continue to show up. So i feel like. We're really lucky. Because you and i sell. You've fell into this friendship a few years ago. We just like great women. We were additive with great women. And there's really great women in nashville. But we hit it off in now that i might nearing forty and i've been here for so long. I just look back on the friendships. I've been able to make in one of the eunuch and even know how spectacular that was at the time. You know so the women that you've kept in your life. What's the common denominator. That's a great question. Thank mama i think about this. I really meditate on this. You go i. I like women who are honest and are afraid to share blind spots in my own life and we do it for one another and we hold space in we show up in a very Non-judgmental safe way for one another. I echo that. And i think what is really the key factor for that in attracting these type of women. Because i feel like i looked at the same thing in friendships is. I'm i consider myself sometimes like a total hot mess all over the place of extra insecurities in all sorts of stuff but at my core continued to work on myself in become a better person in to grow into like you said work on blind spots. Listen to listen to what people are. Hold dear tell me in love that. I can prove myself in and i think the women that we have the you have. I have are confident in themselves. You know in the date. They're not pining away for your life. They're not trying to scare you down. All these women are on their own path in they are committed to their path whether that being a great mom being a great wife. Or it's just being a someone who's a ass created or career person who's putting their soul into it or love their dogs or i mean whatever. Just get hooked on something. That's i think it's so important for everybody to have their own let lane and their competence around everybody's individual light and i will say

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