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California City has tried to decide what to do about a famed ocean liner. The city of Long Beach has had the Queen Mary and its harbor since 1967 as a floating hotel. But the ocean liner is in dire need of repairs, with some experts saying she's in danger of sinking. The city took over the aging ship after its previous owners declare bankruptcy options include repairing and preserving her at a cost of some 25 to $50 million, plus another five million per year for maintenance. Price of your option is to put the Queen Mary in dry dock with repairs estimated to be around $500 Million. A third option is to take her out in the singer Keith Peters reporting Our fighters Friday declared the end of their search for bodies at the side of a collapse. Florida Carter building Including among the painstaking work, removing layers of dangerous debris. They were once piled several stories high. Breaking news and analysis at town Hall. Dot com. There will be possible prison time for a former Air Force intelligence analyst Daniel Hale says his guilt over participating in lethal drone strikes in Afghanistan led him to lead government secrets about the drone program to a reporter. Ale is schedule be sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. After pleading guilty to violating the espionage Act. His attorneys are asking that he receive a 12 to 18 month sentence. Prosecutors seeking a sentence of more than five years. Jason Walker reporting this week the U. S got three more Costco locations. The warehouse retailer opened new locations in Murphysboro, Tennessee, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Moore, Oklahoma. More than 14 out of people visited the New Costco and Murphy's burrow and it's opening day in Little Rock. The mayor attended a ribbon cutting ceremony that is cities new retailer on Wednesday. We're in the stories of town hall dot com. I'm Patrick Foss. You've a Children's was just ranked by U. S

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