A highlight from Romulan Ale & Bloodwine Review!


Walk to the omega particle. I'm your ratios and humble hosts. John wiegand and today. We're doing something a little bit different. This is an atypical episode but I thought hey. I should share this with everybody. This is great. And i definitely want to give shoutouts and props to the company into the guy that sent me this very generous very cool. So we're gonna pay for it and decide this whole time I don't know how long it's gonna be. Maybe ten fifteen minutes maybe more around now but just going over his product and that product is hard alcohol for all of the everyone out there in real real. Linda wondering what we're drinking here now is not alcohol's gatorade Prepping but so anyway. Long story short this Brewery starring brewery. He reached out to me on on instagram. And we've been talking a little bit and he was like. Hey i love to send you some of Romulo and ailing klingon blind. I said perfect. I'm not super huge drinker. But i do have a Like a mini bar type of area. My house thanks to my beautiful wife helping set that up in. It's super cool reminds me madman so i'm super proud to have these part of that collection. Yeah it's definitely talking peace of already had people come over and be like what are those like. Go to this website and Again just want to say thank you to deep forest productions At a michigan and again you can reach them on their instagram at our wolf. Bald ass aro. I may be pronouncing that wrong. But if you just search deep forest productions that'll they'll give you two it also with the website. Now be sharing that info on my All my social media guests can know where to go and get them in again. I'm doing a tasting live for the first time so It's going to be my first reactions. Which i know it's going to be amazing so Here we go actually sent me a list of instructions which are super helpful and so again. I'm just going to be doing this. Live on the podcast. So enjoy it for all the people that wanna listen. Okay here we go. Oh goodness yeah. We'll that's such a cool name. Wish my name was war okay. So i'm reading the instructions. Now get the gala. Alright do the do the romulo nail. I okay porn. Three ounces of mix boy. Wow that is a a really good smell i'm not. I'm not being positioned. That is wild. 'cause there's like a chaser that comes with it like a monster just tastes this monster. I wrote many papers on monster all right so three gloves.

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