An Interview With Bernard Lee of 'Poker Satellite Success'


Hey poker peeves. I'm so happy to welcome. Burn ardley to the show today. We don't do interviews often and when we when we do. We make sure that they're very good. Guest bernard is the host of the long running bernard lee poker show fourteen years now. Incredible record right there. He achieved thirteenth in the two thousand five world series of poker main event. May many of you probably saw that one right there. He's a longtime player. Longtime coach and author of a brand new book poker satellite success. So welcome to the show. Bernard i appreciate it have me. Yeah definitely thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it. So you're up in massachusetts right. That's right that's right. Yeah what's the weather like up there right now because it's pretty darn hot over here in california it's You know it's been a very weird summer. We've had some really really hot days like in. The nineties and muggy today is kind of an eighties muggy day but a weekend before it was in the fifties. I mean it was. It's been a really crazy a summer so far but that's kind of par for the course with this crazy year that we've had to for sure. Yes super crazy last year and a half and you've been you know exactly exactly over here in california dealing with a heatwave incredible proportions you know but seems like we get that a lot you know in a. I'm sure we'll be experiencing some fires this. You're not really looking forward to it. But i got my masks already. You know indoors. I i work from home. Do you work from home as well. Yes yes yes. I do a lot of my stuff from home and whether it's Coaching or whether it's consulting are you know obviously playing. We have to hit the road and do that. But you know Do a lot of my stuff from. Oh yeah for sure syrian speaking hitting the road. Are you going to the wpa this summer. Yeah definitely got a. I'm going to go. Well yeah. I'm gonna go play The online a bunch of the online events not a lot of them probably about five or six of them And then a literally planning my trip right now for october. I i love flying deuce to seven. That's the game that i play a lot of do seven no limit. It's very unusual game but I final tabled at three times. So far finishing runner up once and so i really literally start my first trip focusing on that event and it pivots around bad events or whenever that event is then i kind of go from there This year. it's in the middle which is a little bit unusual usually. It's near the beginning. So that of changes my setup a little bit but you know it is what it is. I'm i i already booked my flight out there now just booking all my hotels and all that nice good so isn't going to be like a two three week trip The first one was supposed to be only a week. But i also do a charity event out there for the one step closer foundation. We do it every summer. usually it's been a planet. Hollywood has been a bally's lately. It's been at aria And if anyone is interested great. 'cause the president who i worked very closely with has cerebral palsy and he started foundation over ten years ago. And we do a poker tournament every year. Usually first prize is anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars with a lot of really cool prizes for the final table so It looks like we might do that again. Obviously we've we couldn't do it last year so we might do it again and so big depending on that. we'll see. it's probably going to be a two week trip to start. Ironically the end of the two weeks is the seniors event. And i actually quote officially. You'll yeah i would've qualified last fifty one now so i would Qualified last year so Yeah i mean. I'm probably a dinosaur right. Now when i say that but feels like yeah yeah right niceness. You are going to play in the senior event or may yeah no. I'm definitely going to play. A lot of people have always said. That's a really good event to play in Like i said. I was excited to potentially. I played the online version of last year. And i got a bunch of people you know. Messaging me being like. What are you doing in this event. I said sorry achieve fifty. It is what it is. I mean. I can't do anything about

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