A highlight from Episode 203 - Sharleen Spiteri


Hello i'm welcome to so the jacker on songwriting. I'm simon here with my ever-present cohort. Brian and joining us for this episode is a scottish singer and songwriter. Best known as leap vocalist for the band. Texas now into their fourth decade the bundle sold over forty million records worldwide including three number one albums and thirteen top ten singles. They recently released the tenth studio album. The typically tuneful high and it was a treat to land about its creation over zoom. Recently from the band's front woman theirself which to welcome the wonderful charlene's potato to the podcast. This is a really fun. Chat charlene's great companies. And she. She really is exactly as friendly and dance with as you imagine. Charlene was born in glasgow in nineteen sixty seven. I'm raised in the neighborhood of finished until she was twelve when she moved with their family to the village of bollock hit that guitar playing mitch and semen while in moments a singing window dresser and mom's side of the family particularly musical to charlene's grandparent's house was full of musical instruments and there were regular family sing alongs however guest had no real interest in becoming a singer or musician when she was a child. She's moved back to glasgow in teens and found work as a hairdresser and it was around this time that you did catch the musical book. Becoming a frequent visits to local record shops and playing in local bands have formative influences included. Blondie prince marvin gaye and clash. In fact she plays a black and white fender tally. In homage joe's trauma in nine hundred six four altered images basis. Johnny mack alone was looking for a singer for his new project. Charlene auditioned got the job and texas. was born. Like another glasgow band travis. They took their name from the wim wenders film paris. Texas think charlene sign culture clips. Theoretically wanna have me at the audition is that right. I believe so. They like to recruit guitarist. Allie mackay lane science mercury and the debut album southside was released in the spring of nineteen thousand nine. It went gold within a month of its release as well as spawning. The enduring hit single. I don't wanna love. Which i believe was the very first song charlene and johnny wrote together. An auspicious start to say the least. I'll say the more introspective mothers. Heaven followed two years later and one thousand nine hundred. Three's ricks road was recorded at the famous birdsville studio in woodstock i think our former guest. Todd rundgren did a lot of work there. He did indeed. Both records sold while in your which helped. Keep the bond afloat but not in the uk where they'd fallen out of favor not least due to the emergence of dance music and the manchester craze which dominated the british pop scene at the time. Thanks in no small parts then radio one breakfast. Show host chris evans championing. Its lead single. Say what you want. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy s. Mike hedges produced white on blonde. Proved the band's commercial breakthrough it reached number one in the uk remaining in the album chart for another two years yielded five hit singles and so eventually went six times. Platinum nine thousand nine thousand nine hundred. Hush debuted at number one and spent forty three weeks on the album chart following the release of two thousand and five redbook. The band went on hiatus. During which time charlene release abrasive solo albums melody in two thousand and eight followed by covers album the movie songbook in two thousand ten texas reconvened for twenty thirteen's the conversation twenty fifteen texas twenty five which featured reworked versions of some of their best known songs and twenty seventeen. Jump board keep up

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