The Impossible Disappearance of Brian Shaffer


Brian disappeared on purpose. Theory hinges on the fact that his friend. Clint is seen on camera heading back toward the ugly tuna selena where he claims. He looked for brian in the bathroom. Before rejoining meredith a few minutes later out in front of the bar but unless clinton managed to help pull off an incredibly risky and elaborate disappearance in the span of five minutes. Scenario is unlikely and if. Clint wasn't helping. Brian run away from his life. Why was the only person involved in this whole thing who refused to cooperate with police. Some people close to. Brian have questions about clint brian's brother and his father in law to be have publicly stated that they believe clinton knows more than he's saying even the detective currently working on the case told a reporter and twenty twenty that he believes someone interviewed in the past has withheld information. The detective wouldn't give the name of the person he was talking about. But who could have been other than clint right. And that makes sense. If anybody knows something about brian schafer's disappearance it's clint. He was with brian all night. And he was the last one to see brian. Person according to police clinton's the only person to refuse a polygraph test and almost immediately following the disappearance. Clint lawyered up so what is cling to hide. Maybe nothing maybe. He's just making the legally sound decision on the other hand. Let's say clinton is hiding something. There's two roads that could lead us down. The i is it. Clint is such a loyal friend. That after helping. Brian run away. He put his own security at risk by refusing to tell the police when questioned. The other road is more sinister in this scenario. Clint killed brian or at the very least knows who did

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