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About way why. This is what really okay. I am more advisement today. On here with christina sia and this is the opener of season nine episode one number one thirty four in total of the way. What really. Okay podcast this is a brand messaging. We're off to a great start. At the beginning of the season this is a brand messaging. podcast talks about the messaging. Fortunately it's not necessarily the performance of that messaging today. I'm here with christina lucia. She is a friend she is a client and she is also the creator of curiously curated creations creatures tales books crocheted animals and an array of other artistic elements also a dancer. It's one of those people are ever going to lengthen. You see and they have like ninety thousand different things that they do. Christine is one of those accent. She doesn't put all that stuff on lincoln. So i appreciate that about you. Thank you for being here today. And keep her. Having a i want to talk. First we came together. You had talked about some messaging and it was on the smallest scale when we first came together around your crocheted animals. Yes i thas cracked. It was at that point. I just said the animals. And i always knew i wanted to tell more story behind it and when you met me i was almost a year in to my on my journey of this and that whole first year where i really was focusing on is just trying things and being fearless. Not being worried about making mistake because to be honest i knew i knew someone like you would come into the picture and i knew i needed to have something for you to look at. And that really was what i kept in mind and there have been other people in my path. The same thing. That i've met that helped me get further down the road to are initially meeting and that was always my mindset. Is you have to keep trying. And you keep believing and be open to a pivot and yeah. That's where i that's where you found. I appreciate it. I mean we. We started with. We started with the creatures. And i appreciate your transparency your honesty and really more than anything. The authenticity of where you came from the story of your mother the story of of you of your family and and as we explored inside of her messaging. It wasn't a let's build something bigger. It's something bigger was always. There was just a question of how to build it how to organize it to be built. And that's where it's come to now. Can you give us an overarching view of the thirty thousand foot view of what is in the process of being launched in in fall early winter of this year. Oh gosh so. Many things i will. The biggest thing is the very first book of the series series. will have fifteen books and all and the focus. Right now is on that book There also are gonna be levies and characters for all the on of the six characters in the book there will though the six main children characters will be lovey and stuffed animal version of each There's also illustrations. I done for the book which i would love to be able to repurpose in different ways. and expand on that and. I have how often making throwing out ideas of products and three where i feel. The excitement is is seeing. Oh what's gonna come first what's happening. It's cool to watch them and be a part of in organizing what the foundation is and where things can go and buy again putting a branch somewhere that leads back to the route. That leads back to the anchor doesn't mean that that needs to be built first second or even third but knowing that it's there everything around it can come together. My one of my favorite stories with you was early on when we were finding it was a book and then we'll know let's look at an entire series because that's series in many of these children's authors come out now there is that sense of. I'll just put out a book and that's dangerous standpoint. From whether you're spending your own money to investment money to anywhere in between when there is what you have a book that has. I'm sorry a series of fifteen books as well as inside. These characters are high sch- loan crocheted buy you a second tier by some of your apprentices in the third tier you know of the most affordable version it is not quite of the caliber of what you create but still there's there's three levels all these characters that i mean the back of the first book is you wrote into it. You have a soup recipe in there. Swinging full circle merrin come to come back to the first book year because he said quality mom time grandma's recipe and a memory to last and right in the middle grandma's recipe and from looking over the manuscript. That you have you you leave them at the very end with the recipe. Yes i do. Cooking has always been a really big Place in my family and especially for me. It's funny because the oldest of three kids like we all picked up different nuances from my parents. And i like to thank the kitchen is when am i. I love to cook and my friend who told me the memory that inspired the story you know. She mentioned how she and her mom will cook a suit this soup every christmas and they were sit and watch christmas movies and there was something so beautiful about that because one thing at least with my mom and i is that even when she was living up or leveling different and i realize now i'm looking back on our time together here that she was a quality time person and i realized how important that time the kitchen was with her and she's also my mom is also a woman who has access services love language of hers and i now as a grown woman. I can appreciate how special that was and when i cook with my friends kids or when i cook when i when i am evil the host and i cook there is something very full circle about it and i think also because i'm from an italian heritage on my mom is my mum. The mum's family is all. Italian is very important. There is something very important about nurse. Nourishing your family. Feeding your family and frightens and that idea of doing it with someone or with your child with your spouse with your friends like it is very a communal experience and so it kind of became more than just my mom and i and my friend and her mom it came to a bigger Beer opportunity to give people an opportunity to spend time with each other beautiful now part of the endurance effect. So as you as you've talked about and you share this recipe and you should recipe you. Experienced in. the character of the bellas is doing this with her mother. Now in the other fourteen books these these final pages will have. You won't necessarily be a recipe but some kind of additional amending embellishment something outside of the story that carries the

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