What's New With WOA, IAC, and VAA


As were recording recording this in early may but it shouldn't. It shouldn't be too long of a turnaround by the time we get everybody together. So we're looking for For a couple of different things. First of all How are things going. Forwards in of america what's What's news over there. What's going on in that organization. Well you know i. Everybody is kind of expecting and not be surprised by. It's kind of a coming out party. Time with the covid cases and deaths and things reducing the protocols Being lifted Here where i am in florida Lots of lots of activities going on so the warbirds community is starting to get back together and and have events to go to and probably the most important note on there and it probably jumps into a couple of other topics. We're gonna talk about later but Sunan fund had their spring break for for pilots and aviation enthusiasts Early april and. I'm happy to report that. They have had on every metric that they measure a forty seven year record breaking event. They had more campers than ever before. The campers stayed longer than ever before they had more aircraft than ever before the aircraft stayed longer than every before they had more people they had more gross revenue And slip back to warbirds commentary. a normal number of tending registered or birds for sun and fun for us is in the one fifties or we had one hundred and seventy-eight warbirds show up so there's pent up demand and we have every reason to expect that frosh cashier venture.

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