The Piketon Massacre: Wagner vs. Wagner


On april twenty. Second twenty twenty one. Jake wagner pleaded guilty to eight aggravated murder charges in the rodent family massacre as part of his plea deal he implicated his mother angela wagner father billy wagner and brother george wagner as co-conspirators in the killings also agreeing to testify against his parents and brother were also charged in these murders. Here's reporter and net levy. I don't believe anybody knew he was going to do this. So it's it's a pretty stunning development to see. Jake widener the youngest of the entire family. Who would you would think would be. you know. Maybe the most pliable in some respects because he is the youngest but to see him just break away from his family. I don't know it's pretty interesting. The significance of jake wagner folding on his family cannot be overstated but what does it mean. Moving forward in criminal defense attorney. Mike allen told stephanie that could signal an impending legal chess match in terms of jake wagner's admission of guilt. I'm just curious about what that means. Altogether he's confessed to killing five of the eight rodents personally. Is he trying to save himself or trying to save his family. you know. obviously you know if he did five out of eight you still have three left and you know it'll come out who who actually did the killing on those other three but was probably a strategic move on the prosecutors part not to let that out yet and you know prosecutors not gonna show his cards or in this case she and when she's got three other defendants to try so they're still going to hold it close to the vast. I think

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