Cultural Asymmetry in Music Technology



Cultural asymmetry is the fact that music technologies and the way that music is presented and represented tends to lean towards a western conception of what music is rather than be something that is balanced where all musical cultures are on an equal footing in an equally respectful. Way tell me a little bit about your earliest music memories. My earliest musical memory is learning to play the violin in damascus. At seven or eight years old at the time and then we moved to london. I was nine. And then i didn't really have any connection with might arab identity per se or at least the connections were were tenuous at the time but why did notice. Was that the band. Killing joke. released an album in the mid nineties pandemonium on which a very famous lebanese violinist. His name is abu dhabi delile. He played and Particularly there's a track called communion that sound of this freebie heavy industrial music with this violin. This beautiful live on time arabic violin to go over at Really really really got me. It just hit a place in my spirit that i wasn't really aware

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