In Conversation with May Lindstrom Skin


Made from skin nowadays. What's a day to day. Business right now is a really powerful beautiful time. Actually we're almost a decade in further than that if you count my early years on my own before the website was even live and when this was a consultation business Working with bespoke clients but really this company has been an active vision for almost a decade. And where we are today. I'm so proud. I have a team. That's incredible we do one hundred percent of everything in house. It's like my own willy. wonka chocolate factory. I come in the door to the studio and it smells incredible. And there's just whole walls full ingredients and tubs of herbs and spices and salt sin clays and all the glass jars with oils lined up and you can see the colors and everything just sparkle. It's so alive. Our ingredients are the best there is in the world and our sourcing has just deepened over. The years as our relationships have grown and our quality standards just to get better and better as we are more connected to our people to our vendors to our farmers to the communities and the team itself. It started as just me. It was just me and my recipes. And i'd order whatever ingredients. I get access and i blended and filled every single batch in brought every single package to the post office and now it's like i've multiplied and just made babies everywhere kind of what it feels like i come in and where once there was me now. There's several people in the kitchen who are making this happen and budding and doing every step of the process from communicating with the farmers to managing our sourcing of our glassware to the printing to the we have a whole team that does. Qc just does quality control to make sure that every line of the boxes printed perfectly and the gold foil stamping immaculately lined up and the level of obsession with detail is a little over the top. But it's kind of what we're about

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