A Mindset to Make New Habits Stick

Mindset for Life


Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life. Maybe you want to start being a lot more cooperative with your co workers. Maybe you'd like to be a little more agreeable at home. Perhaps you'd like to be a better listener or lose weight or started an exercise routine. Why is it that we start these habits. And they don't last very long pretty soon. We're suffering setback after setback. And we start to feel like we can never make a real permanent change. Today's episode is for you this episode. We're going to talk about what it takes to have a mindset for making new habits stick and it's all about this the idea of a fresh start. We have rituals routines these things center around new beginnings and the possibilities that come with them. Think about it. It's as if life moves in cycles. Each one bringing the idea of a fresh start. We think we have a clean slate. The chance to try again and we are born again with new opportunities. we can renew improve and redefine ourselves. Do any of these seem like new beginnings. You might have experienced the new year. People celebrate the old ring in the new with parties resolutions and goals the beginning of school year or academic semester. We buy new clothes. Perhaps a new pair of shoes. Maybe we even get a new haircut with pictures of children ready to go to school on the first day of school. It's a milestone and a landmark day secular and religious holidays. Have you ever celebrated something like easter the fourth of july or christmas. Any holiday that specialty. You may somehow signify time to make a change. Monday morning for some of us. Monday morning is when we're going to start that new diet on if we blow it on monday we'll start again next week in a research. Study new beginnings also come from personal life events. they've listed that these might be developmental. Milestones life transitions first experiences or even repeated significant things like anniversaries and birthdays. Perhaps you can think of a birthday that you recently had. That was important to you. Here are some of these landmark events that come from stones transitions and life experiences moving to a new town living somewhere new making new friends going to a new school a new job a new church congregation a new grocery store etc. How about getting married. If that isn't one of the biggest milestones. There is in life graduating from high school getting a college degree and graduating from college.

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