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An update on these plans. He was joined by the owner of humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories who set around 40% of Gaza's population currently lacks access to piped water. These civilians take the brunt of these type of wars. Meanwhile, members of George Floyd's family and others who lost loved ones to police encounters have joined activists and citizens for March as part of events marking the one year anniversary of Floyd's death. Sunday's March was one of several events planned nationwide. Other events in Minneapolis included virtual day of action that encourages peep. What organized remotely and two panels with the families and other activists on Monday, followed by a community festival on Tuesday. Plus after a months long stay, National Guard troops are all leading Washington D C half a billion dollars later, the National Guard is ending its mission here in the nation's capital, effective today, the remaining 2200 troops will be able to return home since the January 6th riot. Thousands of National Guard troops have stood watch here in D. C had its peak 26,000 troops were authorized leading up to the inauguration. The bed Got extended the mission for about 5000 troops in March. Since then, slowly, numbers have been reduced and most temporary fencing has been packed up. As for securing the capital going forward, lawmakers are divided on how to do that. Last week, the House narrowly passed a $1.9 billion security supplemental bill and a bill to establish a 9 11 style commission to look into the capital Riot, and now it's up to the split Senate boxes. Lauren Blanchard, America is listening to Fox News.

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