QuickNode on Building World Class Blockchain Infrastructure

The Pomp Podcast


All right guys bang bang. I've got my friends from quick. Note here hello. How are both of you. This is the first to person interview that we've done in the new studio. Some guys are Are guinea pays. We're gonna hopefully this works Less i wrote the quick node story right and just kind of starting there and that will lead us into some of the data infrastructures. Actually happening in crypto. Walk me through kind of your guys around to get to actually starting quick now right what you very technical right. Very kind of well-versed. In terms of of a lot of computational power and infrastructure. what did you do before. We get their shirt So Alex co-founded managed hosting company like back in two thousand one. Maybe even earlier. You still not surrounded early. Internet stuff and You know we. We built out a company that was managing thousands of servers in like over ten data centers around the world So like we got awesome experience on how to be like on the provider side and how to build global networks Manage all different stacks of software Then you know there's different projects within that company. You know with regards to like video encoding ad serving. We got to work with a really broad range of customers Twenty two thousand fifteen. We started building our content delivery network Because you know people started the. It's an assault. Be more media rich and you need faster speeds. You couldn't wait for your server. New york know if somebody's living across the atlantic it takes forever to load a video. You know if the video in the united states so we do is clone ad video over to somewhere in europe. So they you know. The download speeds are quicker

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