How Ditching the Drink Set Me Free With Loyiso Mkele


I live in eldorado park the south of tobruk. I'm a forty one year old mother off one. I have a ten year old boy. He's fine he's a bit of a headache. But you know how boys can be. I stay with my son and my mom in our family home and moved back home after i went to the uk. I mean to the u. s. for work and then i wasn't sure what to do for a living and is subsequently started a research company. I have market research agency. Which is what. I'm doing at the moment and i have a healthcare catering business which has expanded into beijing. And i'll tell you about it at some point in this interview because that's relevant so louis so. When did you first start worrying about the wine a little bit. I seem to remember you. Facebook message megyn of the blue and said i'm worried about my. Yeah i did. I was so happy and surprised to have good you interview on the radio. One of your first ones on 702 Jen i know you from way back so when i heard your name on the radio and we're doing this world without wind thing i thought oh my goodness this is right up alley. I've always been way of that. My drinking was going to be bed. So iran when i was a teenager. I don't know if i came across some literature or something. But i suddenly realized i was really predisposed to becoming an because i had a parent who was one. My father was a heavy heavy heavy drinker. He's late now. And so i became really stocky aware of the fact that i might end up becoming a heavy drinker. I did for most of college. Avoid drinking so. I stopped taking that little bud. Lav class of champagne that we have on christmas or new year. We do that as as black families. We have that one last to celebrate once or twice a year. So when i was about sixteen i stopped having their class because i was like. I'm going to become an alcoholic. Here i know with this is going so i didn't touch. I touched booze. But i really regulated up until i was about twenty five when i was working now i i had a stable income. I had a stable life. I worked for the municipality. I slipped into this routine of going to work coming from work. Going to gym by myself a storm and this became thing it became. I started having one every single day. And that's when it started.

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