Summer Movie Season Roars Back, From Action-Packed Blockbusters to Biopics

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For anyone who lives in an area where theaters are opening up again. Are there actually any big movies out this weekend. Yeah there's not one but two movies in theaters too big blockbuster style temple movies. There's going to be Both of which were delayed multiple times on cruella from disney. It's one of their like live action. Remakes this one of one hundred and one asians that's going to be out. And then also the sequel to a quiet place acquire. Please part two is going to be in theaters as well. So if people are interested in going to the movies during this holiday weekend they actually have things to choose from other signs. That people are actually excited to go back to cinemas again. Yeah we're starting to see some encouraging signs especially in the us as vaccinations have ramped up. We've started to see the box office. Show some signs of life. So i think the biggest hint that people were feeling comfortable and excited about going back. Years was over the easter weekend. When godzilla vs kong came out you know overall that weekend the box office. The us boxoffice did about five hundred million dollars. That's like still half. What did two years ago before the pandemic when it was just a normal easter weekend but it was still really surprising result for this movie especially when you consider that godzilla vs kong was also available to stream the same exact time. It came out the same day as theaters on. Hbo max so long as you had a subscription to it. So i think like. I think that's really started to show that elitist for movies. Where like one of these tentpole movies special effects that going to the theater and seeing it in a darkened cinema with all the southbound and audience. The people are showing signs at the really interested to get back to that feeling.

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