Dr. Scott Harrington on Why a No Oil, Low Fat Diet Is Optimal


You're in the know oil. Low fat camp i presume alba's understand that and why you arrived that a bad Conclusion yes yes. Okay well this is you know. You have the paleo kito folks who are not that scared of fat and you know and then on the other side you know you have this like whole foods loaf No oil low fat folks. So there's problems with fat namely saturated fat and we know. Trans fats are carcinogenic. And in bad and they're coming out of the diet but saturated fat is another problem that increases your cholesterol by decreasing. Ldl receptors in the liver. So you don't get as much elliot pulled out. So we know we know saturated fats bad but what about oil so oil. Is the coca cola hidden sugar in coca cola of the fat world. Okay so what. I mean by that. Is it's hidden calories and so when you go to the restaurant and you order fajitas for instance you say if he as healthy i'm just gonna order veggie fajitas and it's going to be on a flower and i'm gonna eat it and it's going to be super healthy but you get it and it's dripping oil. Which is i forget. Maybe it's like one hundred and twenty cows per teaspoon tablespoon of oil. And so you're just going to get extra calories now all of oil and vegetable oils When you compare them against animal. Fats are studies. Show that they're they're healthier. They're healthier for you like when it's a head to head comparison you have your lipid profiles in your body are better when when you're when you're eating oil as compared to an animal fat yet but but there again once again so you're gonna usually when people are switching to a plant may side. They're trying to lose weight and get down back to their eighteen year weight and when you hit a plateau you gotta first thing yet check. Is that oil.

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