A highlight from 'Short-term Political Gain'


Address for the us naval academy. It had been clear for the last couple of weeks that mitch. Mcconnell wanted to ensure that this bipartisan independent commission. Looking into the january sixth insurrection. An attack on american democracy did not get created at the end of the day. The vote that will be recorded in history was fifty four yeas to thirty five nays now. Fifty four that means a significant majority of united states. Senators voted on this procedural motion to move ahead to debate and eventually to final passage of this january sixth commission but because the senate requires sixty votes to begin debate the republicans successfully filibustered this independent investigation aimed at protecting our democracy from ever such an attack again. Six republicans joined with the democrats in this vote. They needed ten. The six mitt romney of utah. Lisa murkowski of alaska susan collins of maine bill cassidy of louisiana and ben sasse of nebraska. All five of them. You'll recall also voted to convict president trump of inciting insurrection and his second impeachment trial. They also picked up. Rob portman of ohio. That got them to six. Two of the senate republicans who voted to impeach trump back in the winter. They didn't vote today. Richard burr north carolina. Who said he was opposed to this january six commission and pat toomey who was on the fence republican of pennsylvania. Who's retiring. He didn't vote on this. So it's not clear that there was ever a path to getting ten republicans once mitch. Mcconnell started lobbying against this bill. Even john cornyn and john thune and other republican have indicated as mitch. Mcconnell has this was all about politics. They thought this was a political loser for republicans for the next year and a half if a commission had been created and that it was going to be a political boon for the democrats and that reasoning the pure politics of it. That's what ticked off. Senator lisa murkowski. Republican alaska be making a decision for the short term political gain

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