A highlight from We Made It Weird #39


You you made it weird with the need home. what's happening. Where does so sorry. This is during the episode. Here i am in the intro. Sorry this is coming out on monday. Just been without. Iris are wonderful nanny. And this was the only time we had to do it. Which is why you might pick up on our sleepiness. Yeah for sure. We both Rocked from a full eight days alone with leila it was great and the chap is great. And if you want to support we love that you're listening. That's the best way to support. And if you want to support it even further Try impeach pec like the perfect gene as you know. I hate hard pant. I hate hard pan. I don't understand why it's twenty twenty one and we're not all wearing comfortable soft pants that also look good. The problem is it's hard to find ones that actually look good and feel good to enter the perfect gene. Literally my favorite pant. I've been wearing them for months and months. I never take them. Great look great vet and super soft and flexible fabric. That look so good. No one needs to know. I was tired For a long time bell you had to suffer through this. I was wearing yoga pants in public. Like i was sting or russell brand. I can't i'm not staying. I'm not recipe. I can't pull that off. But i wanted something. That wasn't trapping parts of my body and restricting it like i owe it like it owes me money. These are hands down the best pants i've ever owned. Y'all wear pants. Y'all wear pants and easy way to support the show. They're made of premium stretch fabric to percents spandex. Two point five percent rayon for extra comfort and movement that your man parts require. Nobody wants to sit down and feel like you're in some sort of medieval torture device. These gene stretch so manatt saint crashed and thereby create the only true home from a bone. Leave they specialize washing the jeans. Literally feel as soft as a baby's but you might even forget you're wearing pants and they're very high quality endurable constructed utilizing the highest quality materials and sewing techniques to provide you with a product that is built to last. I would call these pants high and really. They're very high end. But they're not priced high end prices. Best of all. They're not

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