Is the New Apple TV 4K Worth the Money?

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Is the new apple tv. Four k worth. It could keep this fairly simple. probably not well what. Let's let's before we get into the details. I i do want to dig into why you think this But he tukwila. What is new about the new apple. Tv for kickboxer. What what exactly is it's the second generation. So how's it different from the first one short so the new apple tv four k which was updated a few weeks ago long. Overdue update gives it a much more modern processor goes from the eight ten. The twelve biometric which was a processor found a years ago and i phone as opposed to the ten which is dating itself Back a few years It also has most notably in remote that works a lot. Better it drops. The reliance of solely using track pad now has a directional pad. Baked in with apple calls a click pats combined some of the gestures with a real functioning directional pattern that makes navigating the apple. Tv significantly easier. Yeah and i know. We talked about the remote the floor. Is that something that existing apple. Tv buyers should consider buying this box for if you have an apple tv four k already. Then i think the fifty fifty nine dollar remote upgrade. That's how much that remove costs on. Its own apple charges a lot. That's apple. I think if you have apple tv four k fifty. Nine dollars for remote makes more sense. Assuming you're happy with that. Box storage is in full Absolute pretty quickly and easily for you. Getting that upgrade is a lot better than spending hundred and seventy dollars on a new box. If you have an older apple tv hd then are actually recommend the opposite. Spend the extra money. Get the faster box will get four k support for more modern. Tv's whether it's tv currently owner the tv that you'll probably get if you don't have a four k. Tv now at some point in the i imagine not terribly distant future

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