A highlight from #233: Kentucky Derby Scandal


Tape hi everybody. Welcome to you can bet on that. Podcast for the recreational camera. My name is mark of all sitting across from me. Is dr mike. Hello all right. Let's talk about the kentucky derby scandal. I must talk about this all right. So to fill people in so the winner of the kentucky derby medina's spirit failed a post race drug test. He tested positive for an excessive amount of steroid. That is sometimes used to treat pain and inflammation. Now bob baffert. The horse's trainer denied any wrongdoing right But churchill downs which is the race track where the kentucky derby is run. Suspended him from entering any horses at their racetrack right. You know pretty hefty suspension there. Shortly thereafter baffert claimed that medina spirit was a victim of cancel culture. Not sure what he meant by that he might want to look up the definition of cancel culture favor just saying that the horse had too many drugs in his system. I'm not sure how that's cancel culture. It's possible that medina spirits kentucky derby win will be overturned making mandolin loon the official winner however that hasn't happened yet and even if it did it wouldn't affect any payouts right law. The payouts are still going to be final right and that's true with any horse race once it's official right which generally happens moments after the race. That's it and you think about. It has to be that way because everybody gets paid off. What would they do in this situation. Medina's spirit. he was disqualified. So if you one we'd appreciate you to come back to the track return your winnings you know well honor system and it would it would open a whole slew possible cheating where somebody could intentionally get their horse disqualified later and then have huge bed on the second place horse right thing so yeah no. You can't change the wagering. It's just for the record books. He's full right for the record books exactly now. Some gamblers have actually filed lawsuits against baffert. Which i think is kind of funny. You know it's going to be a big hassle for him now. I'm not a lawyer. But i don't think they have a chance. They're claiming that. Oh you know the results would have been different and we lost money where we would have one. I think that's going to be hard-cased but it's more more headache for him. All it would be speeded. Torture him get an attorney and defend himself and something but they have to. Spend some money to assure i you know. I don't know if it's worth it. Yeah just relax now. Medina spirit was allowed to run in the preakness where he finished third. But since then baffert was suspended from the horses at all new york racetracks so medina spirit will not be running in the belmont stakes. So right you know another suspension there. Mike this is not. The first time baffert has been scrutinized for doping his horses. So is he guilty. I think that he is. He's claiming that he doesn't know anything about it. Well you know the buck stops with him right. He's the trae versus right. So you could argue all these things. Oh he was set up You know was was. He set up with all these previous investigations. Was somebody working for him doing it. You know without him knowing You know i mean all these things are remotely possible. But i think that It's hard to say really one hundred percent but you can be pretty certain. I guess yeah. He knew something was going on. I've got a couple of things to mitch things. You probably haven't thought of mark thank you. So think of this number one steroids do not increase your productivity or enhance your ability allah barry bonds. We all know that. Barry bonds didn't take steroids and mark maguire. I'm just going to start naming some names of people who you know. They had series in but it didn't enhance them at all. Okay so you know. I probably would ran the same the stairs. That's the first thing that i didn't occur to be calling that to my attention. I can think that he got the steroids through but cream. And who of us between you. And i in this room. Yeah who hasn't put cream on their you know behind and then the next day felt pretty good. All their aches and pains are gone and sure he had some series in him but it was just but cream. Okay that's what i heard baffert's at thank you for bringing those facts to my attention because yeah that isn't that did not occur to me. How much how much like a train do you have to put. We're the steroids actually get into your system and then test positive after the race. And when did he put the cream on. I mean is that like right before he goes out some. I think it would be the night before if you're asking me about but cream application helper. Guy slaps him as he's

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