Olympians: Tidye Pickett


Olympian has largely been left out of the history books despite being the first african american woman to compete in the olympics. Let's talk about tidy. Picket tidy pickett was born in nineteen fourteen in. Chicago's englewood neighborhood. Her family lived across the street from washington park where local foot races were often held. Tidies talent and speed were evident. She caught the eye of city officials. Who recruited her for the chicago park district. Track team tidies. First big break came after competing in chicago. Armory event john brooks who at the time was a university of chicago athlete. And one of the country's best long jumpers asked tidies parents if he could coach her. He promised a shot at the olympics and in nineteen thirty two. He made good on that promise. By the time she reached highschool tidy was one of the fastest women in the united states in nineteen thirty two. She was selected to be a member of the olympic. Four by one hundred relay pool. The final racers would be selected at the games which were being held in los angeles along with louis. Stokes tidy was one of two african american women for the olympic track and field team. She was just seventeen years old when we was eighteen. The two were subjected to a myriad of racist attacks and policies on the train to la. Louise and tidy were put in a separate room near the service area. They eat meals alone rather than with the rest of the delegation in the banquet hall. One point there teammate. Mildred babe didrikson to we profiled on this show last year through a pitcher of ice water onto louise's tidy while they were asleep in their bunk when they made it to la. The mistreatment continued louise and tidy practiced with their teammates during the day but at night they were stuck in the dorms as the rest of the runners gathered in the whites only dining hall. The most painful moment came when louise untidy were replaced and the relay by two white women both of whom had slower times than louise's tidy the teens spent the games watching from the stands as the all white team won the gold

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