A highlight from Charlotte Cho on Soko Glam and Then I Met You: 'We have the best of both worlds'


Podcast i'm your host pre row executive editor at glossy and today's guest is charlotte chow. The co founder of so glam and the founder of then. I met you welcome charlotte. Thank you priya. Thanks for having me. It's been a while charlotte. How have you been doing this last year. Mean now that we're kind of re-emerging into the real world. I know feel so strange Well the past year has been eventful for all of us for me. Personally i did have my first daughter names kennedy. So that's been a big personal change for me but yet you know very fortunate to be able to orbit industry and works in in skin-care during this time because it honestly has been even a moment of self care for me to just dive into my security since there was literally nothing you could do socially and i also speak about this transparently within i met you and meet navigating motherhood i've just completely now understand the meaning behind self care in a whole 'nother level so i've been just enjoying myself taking time on the weekends especially to take care of myself mentally and physically. I can't imagine how you know cumbersome all of this was you know obviously a great new experience being a mom and congratulations but doing this in the middle of a pandemic. i mean so crazy and isolating you know it is in having a pandemic baby has perks because we were able to work from home and i get to see her achiever milestones working from home But there's so many downsize. As well. And i really do miss being a part of the team physically. You know going to office little routines listening to podcasts. Taking a subway into work but we are slowly trickling back into work. So i'm starting to get a taste of both worlds now. It's funny how we kind of missed the subway. that's something. I never thought i was going to miss. Especially the six strain since. I'm on the east side but charlotte. I think so many of my listeners and our listeners here today no you know your story but take us back a little bit. you know. Obviously were well acquainted with so glam. And obviously that i met you to. Which is your newer baby. Tell us what you have started in beauty you know. I have a very unique story. Because i absolutely had no background formerly and beauty at all i was just a girl raised in california and you nothing about skin care then moved to korea of with verse time. My parents are both korean and immigrated to the us over forty years ago. And i had the chance after college to live and work in korea. I was working at samsung doing. Pr for them. It was a once in a life opportunity in my early twenties. Fell in love with skin. Care fell in love korean culture. And i really wanted to share what i learned after five years of living there i remember. The streets of korea were literally lined with with skincare shops. And all of these innovations and quality product literally cost the cost of a subway ride and i just felt interested in the culture and also i really felt seen as an asian american for the first time seeing all of these beauty trends really relating to me and what i wanted to see ingredient so i want to show and i want to hear what i learned with my skin care journey and that's also glenn began the idea of That shop experience to american customers like where did that come from. Because you know. I think other people around the same time an after you definitely had that idea but you kind of really brought the best of the best innovations to the us. I yes so at the time. We started yoga lunches almost nine years. Now which is insane. I never thought that this would take off as a business as it has obviously proven today and there was no official business plan. This was not a strategy to capitalize on cape beauty or skin. Care in fact keep beauty was not even trendy and what it is today and it was purely coming from authentic passionate place with me being create american excited about skin care and understanding that all that i shared with my own friends. It really was interesting to them. And they braced it and you know. I became kind of their skin. Care guide to korean beauty and not really was the start of mike. Curation sharing what identically use and i wanted to bring that over officially through socal glam through special curation and it was an interesting when of difference because it wasn't about gimmicky products ever. It was not about something that would be viral on on instagram. It was truly products. I used and i wanted introduce and i wanted to take it.

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