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Welcome to. I said no gifts. I'm bridge or wine iger. You're so happy you're here. I'm so happy you're here. If you have a minute. Maybe keep listening to the podcast. Or if you're busy. I understand you can turn it off. Now it's up to you to really in your hands for you know it's your life. I'm not going to give you any more direction. I want you to just choose. What makes you happy so oh you know what are we gonna do. We're going to talk to the guest. I'm so i am through the roof about this guest. I just adore her. Maybe one of the greatest voices of all all-time yardley smith yardley. Welcome to ice. Said no gifts here. I am so thrilled to be here. I am again. You and fan of your podcast. This is truly an honor. God bless you i am. I'm you know before the recording began. You realize the gears grinding as i just pushed every button on my recording device. It's been a stressful intro. To the podcast. And so. I think it's safe to say that we're both just nervous. Were both anxious rex right now. I'm anxious wreck most of the time. So it's just another. What day is it friday today. Well let's get into in a normal way. how are you doing. I knew you were going to ask me that. So much. pressure with that question bridge. I specifics i want to go deep here. And there will be no excuses. I'm not gonna let you off the hook. I wanna know how you're doing okay. Well started bid on the struggle bus recently. Which is wonderful phrase that our social media manager for that we have for pay per clip or there was monica. She introduced me to that phrase the struggle bus. I thought it was one of the best ways to say. I'm having a bit of a fucking hard time. People being so alarmed that they either hang up on you or runaway or just your number right so i think it's just this i am. I actually a terrible worrier right and as things begin to reopen. I'm i'm i am what i refer to as an ambivert o- of course i learned a couple of years ago but i you exploiting and it's so perfect. I would suspect that you are the same. So because you're a performer. So they're -bility to be extroverted when you need to win it's sort of within certain parameters that you feel like okay. Get this but you recharge like an introvert or with good friends or by yourself. Whatever that is and so you know while lockdown for all intents and purposes was pretty intense. And i was like i'm a homebody but fuck. This is a lot. I definitely felt that way but as we get back to normal i i'm a little anxious if not because they think somebody's gonna give me something but because they already had social anxiety so so bring right right. It's that i was talking to somebody recently about this. It's so overwhelming to see people but in both ways both good and bad ways. It's like i love seeing you. But i also feel like an animal being let out like how what the what. Now what are we okay. So yes said. I'm also i was listening to your most recent episode in at the beginning of it. You said that you had had. You'd not done well with your time management that well that that and i thought oh that was me today so i thought our interview was an hour ago so i was like okay morning of things to do and then came on like god. I'm tired and you just take a quick nap. Beside could be a lot. Like lively and vivacious. And then so i only lay down for seventeen minutes banged out of bed and i bought over the computer and i sat down and nothing nothing and then i realized oh oh and so and that scrambled whole circuitry. That weird stress of when you plan something. You think. Something's coming in. You've got a full hour and then suddenly that our you have leading up to the event is meaningless. It's less and i was like i was in such a dinner. I thought well there are a great many things you could do because the do this never ends it yet. I was i just was i couldn't. Oh no you're just now in the waiting room you're just that your entire life becomes a waiting room for the next hour or so. Do you believe in a power nap. What do you think of power naps. I know some people can do them. I i suck at them like a nap for me and good. Nap is two hours which is practically a full night's sleep power nap. I envy those truly mastered that. I i mean it takes at at least a half an hour for me to even fall asleep fifteen minutes. What are we talking about. That's just the slowly melting away. There's no sleep. I need to wake up from a nap. And just feel like i've been in a swamp for three hours fifteen minutes that doesn't do at our forty five or two hours. You do wake up feeling like just bitterness trump for several but to your point. I actually read about power naps recently. And they said it doesn't actually matter if you sleep per se what there is tremendous benefit in just not being engaged in one or nineteen other things in just trying to be still for fifteen twenty minutes so i'm not sure i believe them but i'm willing to try. It just needs rebranding. Then this power lie down or power power. I be happy to take a pause. I don't need the. Don't want the stress of thinking. I need to be asleep for fifteen minutes and i think that's the notion they're trying to defuse so that you don't feel as though god now not only did i not do anything productive for fifteen minutes. I didn't do what i set out to do. Which could be a double whammy depending on your personality type were. I feel like the greatest. Failing of human evolution is that sleep is not an on off switch. I need to be able to just lie down and fall asleep and one hundred percent with you. I just i don't know it's especially in the pandemic my hours me nothing. I'll wake up at five. Am someday someday. I'm waking up at nine. Am knows what time. i'm going to bed. It makes no sense stu how how was your pandemic. You're locked down absolutely gorgeous. It was look it was not as bad as it could have been and are not as good as what am i saying. Not as good as it could have been that means literally it was. It was a fine quiet or no twelve. we're kind of in it. But i'm vaccinated now so i feel like i'm getting out of it but it was. It was extremely boring and my boyfriend. And i come. It's probably america. We didn't kill each other. And i learned to cook breakfast tacos and meatballs and a about it. How was yours. It was all of those things as well. An an. i feel so so detective. Dan

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