Breaking Down the Wuhan Lab Leak Hypothesis, Dr. Fauci and Other Government Officials Involved


So it appears that there's some kind of and I'll get to this moratorium in a minute. The United States government has a moratorium on funding research that would make viruses more powerful. Gee, I wonder why we put a moratorium on that. Because we could create a whole bunch of really deadly viruses, and that would really suck. Sounds like the government finally did something right when they weren't doing something wrong. Hey, we shouldn't do research like that. But it appears a sub agency of the NIH led by Dr Anthony Fauci. May have approved this grant that went to this eco health alliance that eventually made its way to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where it's believed. Now, this virus may have leaked from Mm. Oh, it gets better. Here's the third part of this daily caller piece again. They're talking about this Christopher Park, who was the State Department person who apparently did not want to open the Pandora's box looking into this stuff, according to this Vanity Fair report. He says Park was not the only government official to oppose pursuing the lab leak hypothesis, however. The Nano another until Vanity Fair that an intelligence analyst struggled to find a report written by officials working at the Department of Energy Lab that Anna must be a whistleblower. The Nano told the island he viewed the report is being intentionally buried within the classified collection system. Department of Energy officials then attempted to block State Department officials for meeting with the report's authors did Nano alleged okay? So just clearing that up a bit. We have funding paid to echo Health alliance through FAO cheese group there. Making its way around the moratorium against this kind of funding that makes its way to a Chinese lab. We think this virus may have leaked from, and apparently there's a report on it that the government's burying in its own classified system who's burying it? What are they covering up

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