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Everybody. Welcome back to the try to co crypt. I- podcast over ten wake in x. Mouth and as much is all. I can say that i am feeling fantastic mudge devices and dominated the break I can also side. Too many bloody shocks out there who i think. There's gonna be some people that are saying. Hey craig shocks tonight show either. Just put out with that. Yeah and i do have much much choice in the matter. Very healthy fishery out there but i can tell you right now and you driving up. A forty made is in you. Say the sound a lot with just fish everywhere and you cited. The skip might want fishing that and he says well you can but we will get a shock. And the kaletsky. Guy dropdown yuka. Fish short off turns in shock just like magic but it was a right trip was gripe likes and look we had one of odd city. Before is food is a fishing leslie. Five picked up a bonus die which actually ended up giving back to bad weather. Weather blew up hod one divy ruby. Snape box called hooked. A couple of miles did manage to The targeting what really fishing mylan spanish while he he he Yellowfin chain along Chena sticky barracuda ryan buy rhonda's all sorts of bits and pieces. So yeah really nice. Refresh wedged. If i've missed anything at all. But i tell you what i am pretty excited pumped to be back out the feeling super refreshing. This is something that really old tried is at invest for that matter should should consider their career path. Moving forward is to take time I've had a good run nights very the money and Obtain rewarding myself a little bit moldy she due to the fact that it's batch myself this going well so Yet another trip down better than the phone rings of south australia. That's the show but among the hunt full another one for later on in the year up not going anywhere for the time being not yet anyway. So what's going on in the market. Well let's just go through and how to look at the top. Ten had a quick sticky bake this morning and looked at at the old bailey. Say and look on the daily on. We've got to get about forty thousand. Maybe we can push up above. There's a candidate was semi twenty six of my the hive. It's forty thousand nine hundred twenty f- waking push through. Well actually the bane daily uptrend again united if we can move from where we are now into that level of the join us wake essentially then we will have daily up trenton and also looking at the weekly chop. It's pulled back a lot out. Saw that way cly cradles on on bitcoin. But if a look at the monthly we back we'd be cooled back in to that wake up monthly cradles As i don't know what's going to happen at this point. But i could tell you what i am. Focused on timeframe was moving else. And that is that daily. It is the fact that we got a little bullish candle. Then now there is no tried for made the moment on the daily But that forty thousand nine hundred twenty levels cool forty one thousand and get up to their from where we are here That would certainly put us into a daily trend up more doors for me to be trading. Now i'm sure that there will be some across other markets which all shortly going in scan the scan being on the scans this week of course all. I haven't been doing them but things have been going like clockwork from a. He'll find out more for my meeting tomorrow but Yeah look at different times and mix it up. Some different presenters so far the feedback. It's looking really really good for the time. Bang so it house bitcoin. What do i want to say. Bitcoin do from here will today's high Kind will so far. We still got an hour and half guy a thirty six thousand five hundred forty one if we can break the high of that that'll be a good start putting a bullish channel and talk of a bullish janet. We have done that for a very long time. Lost time we did. That was back in the fourteenth miami. We ended up breaking the of that candalyn fooling significantly from that point as well. Don't forget the Bitcoin yeah it can full really hard and fuss. It's volatile that that's part of the reason why he well. It's much the reason. Why is the volatility as a traitor. Now where we off currently ought to fifty thousand. It's not that big a deal. If you look at the chart you look at the size of the candles. You understand the volatility in the history. The you know the characteristics all cryptocurrency. Because you'll know that we can really some big big. Big big moves occur very very quickly. And that's what's my interest on looking. Alabama did cash out lots Back things back into of mike and Off sitting edison's now. I'm not going to form an opinion to put more money back in at this stage of still gonna bunch in I'm just watching at the moment letting to saad for itself. It's been a whig from out of the markets Complete week amid the have a look every now again at my fine. I'll just say what was going on. But it wasn't a serious look. It wasn't a full market scan. So i am sort of outside of the loop but It's a wake to hold. It didn't continue to full. That's the first positive on saying we haven't pushed new lows in this. Most recent full so interesting to say hopefully break the high as i say thirty six thousand five hundred and forty one which is today's current hough. We're up three point. Four percent on bitcoin right now onto his theory. Next we got two thousand. Four hundred nine up went six percent. gyna- bullish candle there on dial if i look at the weekly now the weekly backing in that crowd line. There is a bullish candle in the well. It's not that foolish to be honest because did sort of move high and then pull back quite a bit from those highs but again trying to steal implies still emotion and it still looks good for may something similar to what bitcoin familiar be.

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