How to Mentally Getting Back Into Running After an Injury


Know. I probably sound like a parrot that just keeps repeating herself but also always think it can be beneficial to talk to a trained expert weather. It is a sports psychologist or a therapist or anyone who might have experience helping people through this. Even a running coach can be really helpful when it comes to this. They're obviously not her most of them. I would assume are not licensed psychologists or licensed therapist but They are experts in their field. Who can advise you on the next step forward and certainly i would assume that any experienced incredible running coach has worked with runners who have injuries and setbacks or perhaps they've had their own so I think that the community aspect of it's really important. I'm so glad that the alley on the run show. Facebook group was there for you and Able to support you at the onset of this and know that we're still there and here to support you So check out the book talk to people who are trained in it and give yourself a lot of grace That comparison trap is Nothing good comes from there and so try really hard not to compare yourself to the athlete. You were before the broken foot before the surgery You know you can chase down new goals now. I know a lot of women do this. After having had a baby is that suddenly they get to have these new personal bests in every sense of the word whether it's the furthest that they've run or the fastest that they've run or the fastest. They've run a specific distance but star. Fresh start chasing new goals. And now you get to have your longest post-surgery run your fastest. Post-surgery ron your happiest post-surgery. Run the time that you ran your favorite route after surgery so celebrate. Those wins in those victories. Instead of comparing them to what you've done in the past a no that's easier said than done again. They address a lot of that in this book. Rebound and just don't compare yourself to others. Don't compare yourself to pre surgery emmy and know that you are doing everything that you can take care of yourself and so that you can return to running as strong as possible. Both physically and emotionally.

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