A highlight from 2021 Rookie WR Rankings Part 2


Here on the fantasy fees podcasts where we are getting the great joe. Dolan's rankings for every rookie of consequence. We did quarterbacks. We did tight ends. We did running backs. we had a brief interlude. Where we made sure you knew about the quarterback veterans situations and rookies for draft kings. Best ball. Which has launched which is awesome. We will have some very cool opportunities for you as it relates the best ball and me and joe and draft gangs in future weeks next week by the way. We're gonna into little rookie of the year conversation some rookie. Prolapse really into the rookies. These days tom. Brawley from fantasy points and absolutes. But i mentioned joe dolan at f g underscore dolan on twitter. He's the fantasy gangster. F g underscore dolan the master of all he oversees at fantasy. Points dot com. Where you should put in the code. Twenty-one feast and joe this is it this is the end of our rookie skilled guy rankings post draft after this is the kind of a ranking system where fortunately we're having some semblance of a normal off season this year so there might be guys where i say You know right now. I don't have a whole lot of interest where come to an august. You're starting to hear the buzz. Maybe somebody gets hurt. You know Somebody like for instance. We're we're going to talk about a lot of dates. Wide receivers on this podcast. But for instance. Somebody like josh palmer. Who's third round pick of chargers. Wide receiver position. Somebody might not think has a whole lot of value rate. Now but keenan allen's gotten dinged up at in recent years. I i don't wanna call him entry. Promo mike williams has had a big time problem with injuries. He might be somebody who shoots up draft boards in july and august so member these are just initial rankings. Where i'm looking at guys in from from a best ball perspective. A lot of the guys we talked about today are going to be last. Last round last two or three rounds type of guys but certainly in the second and third rounds even into the fourth and fifth rounds. A lot of talented receivers came off the board of the nfl draft. Well and to that point joe. Last week we talked about the von tastes smith through rishaad bateman. We ranked or at least not we. You gave us your rankings. By the way i'm at ross tucker. Nfl we are at ross tucker pod but you gave us your rankings for all the first round picks tamar chase devante smith. Jalen waddell could area's tony rashad bateman this week. We're talking about the second and third round guys in particular it. Maybe you have a fourth round guy or somebody late you have your eye on. Here's the thing joe. There have been some ridiculous seasons. As far as rookies are concerned from round. Two and round three. Recently i mean terry. Maclaurin decay metcalf tee higgins. I know i'm missing five. I mean there've been a bunch of legit second and third round rookie. Joe diana i mean even dating back. Ross a couple of years. I mean you know i know. He's of out of the league. Now but jordan mathews produced big time numbers as a rookie. Davante adams was a second round. Pick you know dating back. chad johnson. Ocho cinco i believe the second round pick. He was the late first early. Second round pick even dating back to. I believe two thousand to one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time. Anquan boldin was a second round picks. So you're looking at guys here who Michael pittman last year was the second round. Pick a chase. Claypool was the second round. Pick to to suggest that these guys they weren't first round pick so they're not gonna produce. I mean it's just lazy analysis at this point a ross. It's lazy analysis to suggest that guys aren't going to produce simply because of their That they weren't first round. Pick it up. I had some questions about guys like canaries. Tony mashad bateman who were first round picks about their opportunities to produce fantasy but there are some guys certainly who went on day two one looking at potentially producing early on to great point. Let's dive into a joe. The highest rank guy. The first guy taken very curious about this. I could see this guy put up some pretty legit numbers. Second pick of round two allies. You're more goes into new york jets. Which i thought was a little weird joe. Considering arguably the best skilled player for the jets was a slot receiver and then they go ahead and draft the slot receiver. I think more can do a little bit more than that. The problem is his size. He's not very big. I think he's i think he was listed at five nine or measured in five nine. But this is a really talented guy. This is somebody our guy. Scott barrett came on the podcast and number of months ago and sung the praises of large more. And then. I had a conversation with greg cosell just yesterday as as this wednesday the second of june just yesterday the first june ida conversation with him where he said he likes allies. More state more than that canaries. Tony now the that's not. That's not a mind blowing statement they went about you. Know ten to fifteen picks apart so it's not that controversial statement but you see that line of demarcation between first and second rounder. But i do believe allies. Moore's got a chance to produce right away.

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