Prescribed Burning in Numbat Habitat Under Fire


Scientists have been worried about numbers and the continuing use of prescribed fire on the landscape. So they've written to the premier of western australia. This is professor kingsley. Dixon at curtin university the letter that we wrote as the lewin group which is essentially the winning with group the western version. It's got very distinguished. People lot professor fiona stanley which we all know trying to the year was deepen. Gripe concerns over what happened in march of the deliberate burning through prescribed burning of one of the two k. locations for one of the world's threaten mammals at the number and what's happened to the number that number were widespread from eastern strive to western australia. We were the last best in they win. Extinct years ago newsouth wild. You've just had the first animals repatriated from the colonies here. But what happened to the number now is it's hanging on for grim death in the few last areas why we've cleared old thirty percent of the west. We have introduced foxes and cats with altered the ecosystem in nineteen sixty seven. They started a process of intensive burning by twenty seventeen that has been enhanced to where we now burn more than two hundred thousand of the remnant vegetation. Its target driven. And that's what let letter to the premier saying scientists the particular value of just a target burning wilderness burning remote from infrastructure and human lives and properties does not make sense and we were tragically told by the department. There are no extinctions happening as a result of prescribed any. We don't want to wait for that. But the number and the comfort guys tion of that and which was an aerial incendiary at high intensity so the whole area had to go out within two to three hours walls catastrophic. we've also through. Some very detailed spatial would looked at the intensity and we now have about two thirds of the area reduced to be number that's rely on fallen old hollows. That's their home and the wonderful to live in them. We're still yet to detect earning number but the local up bill lamb. Who has none bets on. His property has known bats. An estimated between fifteen sixty animals went up

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