Nigeria Wins Historic Upset Over Team U.S.A. In Olympic Exhibition


Men's Olympic basketball is up to eat. Well, um, it didn't start off well over the weekend, they had their first exhibition game against Nigeria in they lost What? 92 87. Team USA goes down, So we got that going for us. Wait a minute. Isn't Kevin Durant on that team? The guy that carry the Brooklyn Nets on his back. Of course. Kevin Durant. Bradley Beal Bam out of bio. Draymond Green Game. Dollar is on their Jayson Tatum. They've got a pretty good lineup. So they lost to Nigeria. Wait a minute. There's some Nigerian players who are actually NBA players. Right there are and there are a few NBA players missing from that team that are still playing in the finals. No Djourou HOLIDAY. No Chris Middleton know Devin Booker. But the Nigerian squad does have three guys from the Miami Heat roster. Also one of the Sacramento Kings, a guy for the Minnesota Timberwolves and one of Donovan Mitchell's teammates with the Utah Jazz. Good for them. Congratulations, Nigeria. I think they taught a valuable lesson to our Guys on USA team that always thinks it's going to just steamroll everybody. I hope so. Because the last time the U. S, the U. S men's national team lost an exhibition game. They finished seventh in the feeble World Cup just a couple of years ago, so Hopefully they right the ship and we don't have one of those performances in the Olympics.

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