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Taliban meantime urgent questions about this plan and who will get help. Suddenly you have this decision that they're leaving the country with no thought having been given at all to how their own actions could have deadly consequences. I'm marco werman also in mexico an anti-gay chant and men's soccer games has led to punishment for the women's team too. I think if told the salting and -sulting will hear why some say it's an unfair call and a cuban musician recalls the rumba. He heard on the streets growing up so even cheek daily kylo k. Nas eat la alamo yet. Co-chair metro piano pattern. Lucky nasa in your new music from havana with an eye on the past all of that and more today. You're on the world. i'm marco werman. You're with the world. Happy friday to you. We begin the show today with the latest from haiti. New details are emerging about the assassination of the country's president this week local authorities in haiti are accusing colombian mercenaries of killing juvenile. Moe's joshua goodman is covering the situation in haiti for the associated press. He joins us from miami. What is the latest that we know about the investigation about the assassination. Joshua there have been numerous arrests. There's been two. Haitian americans taken in and there's also several colombians among those detained. There was a group that was also found at taiwan's embassy in port-au-prince so authorities right now are still investigating but we're seeing the move pretty aggressively to round up people who may have been involved in this attack. Let's talk a bit about those mercenaries from columbia among the suspects that haitian authorities have detained. What have you learned so far about this. There is information coming out that indeed a number of colombians war in haiti at the time of the attack a woman who is the wife of one of the men arrested appeared on colombian radio this morning. Basically saying that her husband was recruited to go to the dominican republic. Which you know is a neighbor of haiti to provide vip security services to some powerful families in the country. She didn't know that her husband was in haiti and that company that recruited her husband was apparently run out of miami. I mean i think it's important to have a definition here. What is a mercenary. And do we have enough information about the suspects to make that determination that they are soldiers. Were higher in that. Their job was to kill the president of haiti. I mean i just. I cautioned that anything right. Now is a bit speculative this story since it broke it was so unprecedented. You know a sitting head of state and latin america being and hades politics and just the societal breakdown in recent years. It's just so complex that it's hard to finger any sort of motives or people involved however certainly colombians. In haiti would stand out for one. Colombians need a visa travel to haiti and mercenaries. Yes i mean. Colombians are some of the most sought after soldiers by protection and security companies. What some call mercenaries around the world because they're battle-tested. They've fought a rebel insurgency for decades in colombia. And you know there are a lot cheaper to higher than american combat veterans and veterans from other countries. So it doesn't surprise me that if war indeed mercenaries involved in this attack that colombians may have been involved so mercenaries from columbia have gained a certain reputation in popped up in various places in conflicts around the world. Tell us a little bit more about that in what you know. that's right. Columbia has a very well trained military. Us drained. i should add. They've been in lots of battles in their own country. And that makes them very attractive to the companies that go around the world offering these sorts of services. They've been in yemen. They were hired by believe it was out of the dubai a security company. Hire them to assist. You know aside in the civil war in yemen and they pop up around the places. They're of different quality too. I mean there's certainly really amazingly well trained special forces in columbia who pulled off amazing military stunts in their own country. But there's also just a lot of professional soldiers who you know they're real only skill set is there you know they know how to the gun and these same people by the way are being recruited also inside columbia and around latin america by cartels and criminal gangs. You said it's very unclear what the motive was for this assassination but what are the scenarios that haitian authorities are working through so allies of the president believed that he was being targeted for some time and it made a lot of enemies among some powerful economic elites in the country. People that they say he was going after and trying to bring under state control but it also has to be say we know there was a transition or we believe there was going to be a transition coming up. In haiti a lot of people would like to be president. The country's politics are pretty violent. This is all against the backdrop of an extremely violent society where drug traffickers and criminal gangs wield a lot of power so whether this was score-settling a corrupt deal among a political insiders. Or was it you know. He had pissed off the wrong people. We don't know yet. And i think any guests at this point is just too premature joshua goodman reporter with the associated press. He's covering the unfolding situation in haiti from his base in miami. Thanks very much for coming on joshua. You're welcome later in. The show will look at another ongoing crisis in haiti coverted. It's a big weekend coming up for soccer fans. The hotly anticipated final of the european championship is sunday england versus italy. Wembley stadium in. London will have sixty thousand fans in attendance on this side of the brine. Rio de janeiro hosting the copa america. Final tomorrow night. Brazil versus argentina. That would also be a hot ticket but not when cove restrictions are keeping all spectators out of the stands outside of the copa in mexico to home games for the national soccer team will also be played with no fans in attendance but those matches have nothing to do with health safety. The world's valencia reports from mexico city.

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