The Great Seed Panic of 2020

The Experiment


Just start from the very very beginning like set me in time Where should we start law. Summer people might be aware there. A story that bubbled in the media for a couple of weeks in the summer of twenty twenty writer. Chris heath noticed a strange national news story. It has been happening all across the nation including right here in our area is in most people's newspapers and it was on tv all over the place. What's behind this rather odd phenomenon. People across the country are getting unsolicited packages. Listen to this new idea where it came from. I didn't order it. People have been receiving mysterious packages that they did not order people. All over america started receiving. These completely baffling packages. They appear to have chinese writing on some of them. Seen here from the tampa bay times are usually marked with chinese characters and incite were packets of c- seen called mystery seeds and they have appeared in mailboxes and more than two dozen states. Usda has now put a warning saying not to open these packages or even planting the seeds. There's nothing on the package. Seemed to explain what the seats were redressed to the people who received them as far as they were concerned they had no idea why they were being sending

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