What Happens to Your Brain When You Exercise?


Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of acupunctures my life now in this episode. I wanted to discuss and this. This episode is focused on individual lose. Were middle aged so people. If you're forty oh somewhere around age bracket and older somewhere around that age and older. This is a podcast for you now. I'm not excluding individuals. Who younger. But i i just sort of wanted. His highlight individuals who are forty years of age and older who have never who've either never exercised before or exercise than stop for a couple of months. Try it again. Stop for a few months and then you have your resolution us every new use those same start an exercise regimen and then two three weeks. Am they finding excuses to stop. And i'm noticing as we age that tendency becomes more and more that case because we're aging noticing the we're getting a better understanding of the benefits of exercise but a shift about implementing. A reggie the keys. You have to stop looking for excuses because the more excuses and which you find create becomes habitual and before you know years gone by and you really haven't made any progress.

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