We Must Implement Our Own BDS Movement Against Marxism


And I point out in American Marxism that as a general matter where feasible We must institute are BDs movement against the influences of American Marxism. Adopted Cloward and Piven type approach of overwhelming their system. Crashing their system, then blaming the system and taking control of that system. But in this case, the system being that which has been created an instituted by these Marxist based movements. You hear me, saying this phrase Marxist marks this based movements and so forth, and so on. Yeah. Uh, you will, uh, in an opportunity to learn all about them. When you read the earlier part of the book where we're Sahlin skis rules for radicals number 13 should be used where appropriate as well. Pick the target freeze and personalize it and polarizing. Alinsky wrote, in part. Obviously, there's no point to tactics and last month is a target upon which to center. The attacks. Barack Obama learned at the knee of Alinsky, as did Hillary Rodham Clinton. Also remember there's There's power in numbers. The teachers union antifa, BLM, the others understand this sum

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