Joe Biden Can't Name Specific Provisions That Led to Voter Suppression


Joe Biden and his party. Are doing everything humanly possible. To take complete control over the voting system. They don't want Red states Blue states. They don't want competition. And yet They craft the narrative. That they are standing up against the worst threat against this country since the civil war. And so I would ask the people of the New York Slim's in the Washington compost. I would ask that people M s LSD and the constipated news network. Exactly which provisions In any of the Republican passed laws since the end of the pandemic in the last election. Which provisions Is so severe in repressing the vote, particularly of African Americans. That it's akin to the Civil War. Which one is it? I'll go a step further. Where are all the individuals prior to the pandemic when all these laws were changed? Mostly by Fiat from courts. But in order to make it Easier to vote because of the pandemic. Never intended to be permanent. Where are all the people prior to the pandemic, who were denied the right to vote? Who

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