A highlight from Alonzo Bodden - Never Argue with a racist over 40!


Good evening and welcome to the mental. Health comedy podcast. I'm at praznik. I don't know who i am. My partners jennifer kalari is coming up shortly and this is a show where we practice mental health skills. People and entertainment. Comedians writers artists actors authors directors people. From all the world we practice. We talk about mental health. We also practice because mental health is a practice. It's the last time i'm going to say it. But it is such an ongoing thing. And it's such a practice and it starts with awareness being aware of what you think and feel and how you relate to those things not to react to them but how you relate to them and notice how i lift my voice when i say react go. Hi when we go low they go. Hi or when i go hi. They go low something like that on today's show. We have a terrific guests who is a regular wait wait. Don't tell me you can hear him there all the time but you can hear him every day now. Monday through friday four to seven. Pm pacific time on k. b. l. a. radio ktla dot com and that's alonzo boden alonzo's going to join us shortly or talk about a lot of different things issues of the day with him. I wanna talk today. I'm gonna talk to jennifer in just a minute. I'm going to talk about identity theft because my identity has never been working for me so i'm anxious to give it away. We're going to talk about identity. Theft and the stress. That comes from the way we have to protect ourselves. Now it's an odd thing to say. But i just went through something again and it's so amazing. What happens to you because the ultimate in fighter flight when you look at your bank account and half of the money is gone. It's the ultimate these kinds of things that happen to us every day. We all deal with in some way. Now maybe this show be sponsored by lifelock lifelock. If you're listening. Let's lock it up. We'll talk about that now. We always like to welcome people. No matter what emotional state therein so here now are emotional. Shoutouts if you're not worried about identity fraud because

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