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Now to welcome in a somewhat regular guest here on the behind the podcast. A friend of mine. Brian win horse. Who is also in las vegas and we have yet to connect though brian how are you. I'm getting up at like five thirty on some of these days and teeing off by seven to try to finish before gets it gets ridiculous but i'm really enjoying it to be beat the heat. It is pretty ridiculous. I mean. I know it's hot in the summer but it's gotten out of hand a couple of times one seventeen the other day Tell you what. I bet you saw. Popovich getting up at five thirty losing some sleep perhaps because team. Usa not looking good right now and we know these sort of narrative with the international play is that they're more if more continuity usa is going to get everyone's best shot but this is this is really unexpected here. Oh and two out of the gates. There's another game coming up tonight. Eighteen and a half their lane to argentina. I liked them in the first half minus ten and a half but just in general is their level of concern here for a team. That's minus four hundred win the gold. Yeah by the way one of the things about tonight's game. I don't know how who's going to play for the us. They don't have a huge selection of wires only got nine of their Of their national team players because middleton holiday inn booker are in the final so they they've got some some other young guys there but it's considering it's back to back and not only. Is it back to back but yesterday's game was a five o'clock start and this today's game three o'clock local. I'm not sure what you're going to see from the us that game but argentina's in the same boat and Their in two so far so You know. I think there's two ways to look at this on one hand The teams that. They're playing her so much more talented than the teams that they were playing. Even five to seven years ago You know i. I mean i made a deal of this to you. Know they beat. Nigeria nine years ago when olympics by eighty three and five years ago by forty three but the team. They beat five years ago. Didn't have seven. Nba players on right and not only that but one of their best players Okafor jalil okafor didn't even play against the americans. He came back and played against the argentinians. On tuesday and fifteen points so they didn't even face a full scale nigeria teams. You can believe that it's not comparable but the other side of that is. The us team is loaded. You know two years ago. I went to china with team. Usa and they finished seventh in the world cup. And you know really was their worst finish in you know you know since two thousand four athens games which they still won bronze in but their worst finish over in the world cup and that team it. Just frankly wasn't very good. There was only one or two players in the whole roster would ever even been all stars and so while you can look at some things and see some cracks. That was not a representative team. I know that. Lebron and steph curry and anthony davis aren't playing but this is representative team. This team is loaded like a ten of the players. I think are were all stars in the last year and Almost everybody rotation was either all. Nba this year or should have been all nba. like durant. didn't naked 'cause injuries but trust me he's all nba player right so Having said that you see that much talent they should struggle and still win.

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