Montreal Canadiens' Shea Weber Could Miss Next Season Because of Injuries


But then you look at shea weber. I thought he was tremendous in the playoffs in particular in the stanley cup final. I mean brayden. Point was ready to lose his mind in that series because every time he looked up he saw this mountain of a human being shea weber and there's a laundry list right of of injuries. It's the foot it's the knees it's the ankle. It's the hands. I mean on and on and on it goes so it's a developing story. We don't know that shea weber is packing news at five more years left and a lot of money on the table. You know could be placed on long-term injury for potentially the entire season twenty one twenty two well. The national hockey league has to dive into that. So we're going to revisit this in many headlines to come here on the ranger eggs podcast. But it's it's a sad one isn't it because four. Is it just the body of every player that that gets to that point in his career where the body just can't do it

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