More Unmarked Graves Likely at Former Residential School Site


Discovery of unmarked graves near a side of a former indian residential school in british columbia. A local first nation says it has found more than one hundred and sixty undocumented unmarked graves down carpet chuck reports the discovery on lockett island off. The coast of vancouver island was confirmed by the chief of the tribe. Joan brown the island is small. One was once home to the cooper island industrial school. It was run by the roman catholic church from eighteen. Ninety to nineteen seventy five in a statement brown said we understand that many of our brothers and sisters from our neighboring communities attended the cooper island industrial school we also recognized with a tremendous amount of grief and loss that too many did not return home cynthia. Wesley s coma is with the national center for truth and reconciliation. She says she's not surprised. By this discovery. We have been talking about this for decades and many of these survivors has said repeatedly that their children that were buried that were killed or died of various things and they knew that they were there. Nothing unfortunate thing was that people didn't believe that an hour Evidence that in fact this happens. The penalty at nation is hosting to healing sessions on the island in the weeks ahead and a march for children. One survivor of the school says he wants the provincial and canadian governments to step up to help indigenous people still reeling from the realities of the residential schools for national native news. I'm dan carpenter.

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