J.B. MacKinnon: What if the World Stopped Shopping?

Wardrobe Crisis


Day the world stops shopping is a fascinating experiment. In what if outlined your thought experiment had did you set up. Well it imagines that one night. I suppose we awake. We not often we wake up and we no longer have the desire to shop. We immediately reduce our consumption by watch. How much that was the first question. I had to ask myself. Obviously you can't reduce consumption by one hundred percent because at that point you're not acquiring any food clothing yourself in any way. I almost randomly an gut instinct kind of way picked a twenty five percent drop in consumer spending so across goods services and experiences and Started taking that out to the world. And i had sources saying to me. You know this is too ridiculous to even contemplate too absurd about too much. People said well you know. We can't even talk about that extreme drop in consumption. You know you thought. Experiment is is farther than i want to. Then i'm comfortable going with you and then of course it happened. Why was nearly finished. In fact writing the book when the pandemic struck and more or less overnight consumption in many countries dropped by about twenty-five percent became very became. Eminently real

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