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Model say a little bit earlier may or may not hit either It it's kind of a wait and watch the good news. The stakes and the late races are on the grass. And certainly today's turf races will not be turf. Stakes will not be affected. The new york and the gold cup there. I suppose is a chance that if we do get more That the nightcap at some point the eleventh and i'm sure they'll try to get that decision done before three thirty if it's a consideration Before the pick six starts today's one dollar pick six and The of course the the two-day pick six starts with the true north. The main track actually looks very good. Right now It started out if you saw my early morning missive. The track was floated and then later harrowed. After i think the second break so right now it actually looks good. I if we can avoid some more Weather we will Be okay here. And when it comes to the turf course haven't seen rating yet and the assumption is that it would be somewhere between yielding and good so soon as that those decisions are made. We'll go get it out to you all right and Plus changes and there's a there is any number of changes to discuss including a couple of major scratches one today one tomorrow Before we get to those. Let's talk about the harrowing situation involving. I read our tease junior yesterday. And erat is okay. it certainly I imagine most. If not all were aware or had word that i read was dropped midstretch in a rather bizarre situation and You know some people thought maybe that The philly that looked like you know she was on her way to victory For for chad brown. Equal pay this was in the fifth. She didn't spook she. She kind of stumbled i. I just actually talked to mike. Saleo the junior alvarado's agent longtime junior alvarado agent and junior was right behind and he said she just shoulder depth. And and just you know didn't take a a clean stride and it took obviously took i read by surprise and what is fortunate And junior told mike he thought he grazed them but Great job and amazing job by junior alvarado to avoid a prone erat ortiz junior You went to north shore and was evaluated is more or less body sore is going to be off probably two weeks and i i just in fact i just in that conversation with salida. I said the the you remember i. I mean there's been obviously. There's been the occasions when the one that comes to mind immediately of course animal kingdom and morocco giving johnny v The opportunity to ride but when it comes to a a two day slate of mounts for one writer that were lost by this incident it is astounding and let me give you a rundown. We're getting i. i've gotten to Confirmations. in terms of writers being named in the true north for instance which is the first stake. Mount that i read would have today forensic fire. already Kelly breen not thrilled given the potential for a wet track of the track. Stays anything close to the way. It is now not a concern. The it'll be fine for forensic junior junior. Jose ortiz picks up the mount. Four kelly breen on ron lombardi's forensic fire Waiting for word from lupe prosciutto about chubb wagon. Chad brown has got to get a writer for virginia joy. Mike baker needs one for conviction trade conviction trade in the gold cup. Virginia joy in the new york chubb wagon of course in the bed of roses on saturday and certainly ferenza and or both both were heavy at least serious favorites in their respective races. On saturday i read named on drain. The clock and nick casado and saffi. Joseph have a couple of people in mind not they're they're still kind of working it out and and still discussing so no buddy named yet for drain the clock moretti in the brooklyn for iran and todd pletcher apt to make a decision their search results for chad brown and the even money favourite in the acorn mentioned joe sharp f fast boat in the jaipur johnny v picks up fast bom so those are the two that We were able to get information on waiting to hear back from moscow gutierrez about the truce in the ogden phipps. And since we got to the ogden phipps let me tell you that in addition to valiants stretching this morning about an hour or so ago. Kenny mcpeek capita scratch. Swiss skydiver and This has been a run of bad luck and considering we talked to kenny. The other morning. It just got to be very very frustrating. And after king fury and god So swi- skydiver and valiants exit the highly anticipated ogden. Phipps and that leaves a pack of five lotrowska queen the kea she dares the devil water white and the off mentioned body south so any the body south is now a play against. I've just. I've just kidding because after all the couple of days of mentions in hopes of getting a a number on her Back to ira. Ads mounts a pocket square in the just a game for chad mischievous alex chugs acne. also zafy joseph again. They have not made a decision yet. the seems like There's a real chance that jose words will land there in the metropolitan and then todd pletcher in the stakes. Double the late stakes. Double of the manhattan in the belmont. Colonel liam i mean you wanna talk about a roster of of calls for a weekend bad bad bad timing a freaky incident to sideline erade it feel terrible for him. And for all the connections that you know and it's it's unnerving but it's just one more element of the challenges in the game In the belmont known agenda Erade will need to be replaced. So there you go. That's the rundown and we'll keep this over here so that we can add they'll be scratches. I would think i would think as early i Post eleven thirty the first two races off the turf again. I mentioned right at the top of the show Everything else right now continues to be on and and even with more rain if it comes. There's not a concern. I don't think at all about the met. And i mean the the Got the gold cup. And the new york I put up put up the picks and plays including the two days I'll have to try to take the. I'll be right. I'll have time we'll have time afternoon The first Yeah we'll have time the right. Yeah i'm just seeing what time we get to You know the first stake is the tremont but then things don't pick back up again until four o'clock yeah. We got plenty of time to make any has any further news and adjustments to make. We'll we'll have time for it Considering that the the two day wagers don't start until the true north and there's sprint double and there's the two The two day twenty cent. Pick six all right. So any i i purposely didn't handicap races one two and three and now actually speaking of scratches kind of glad. I didn't try to do it early. Pick for early pick five approach because little dramas Mike welsh with a tweet about twenty minutes ago. That little drama The asmussen two year old is coming out of the tree which at one to two a major obviously major faction so that becomes a five horsfield And i'm sure a lot of people that

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