A highlight from Where Have All The Sharks Gone?


Coming up on. Dtn ask if you're getting air tagged tracked. You'll know a lot sooner. Facebook make some changes to its banning policy. And where have all the sharks gone. The daily tech news for friday. June fourth twenty. Twenty one studio redwood. I'm sarah lane lovely cleveland. Ohio felino drawing the top tech stories in cleveland. I'm len peralta on the show's producer. Chang and we're so happy to have emily new. It's back on the show. Journalists at our podcast and author of four lost cities the secret history of the urban age. Welcome back hey. Thanks for having me back. We're very glad to have you analii through through a fun idea for us for the show and it is shirk related and we are going to talk at length about what's going on with all the sharks. We were before the show talking about not just sharks but blue jays and enclosed porches and birds and amphibians and all sorts of things We talk about animals quite a bit on good day internet. And if you'd like to join that conversation do so by becoming a member at patriots dot com slash t and s. Let's start with a few things. You should down. Microsoft announced microsoft teams

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